Redevelopment and Rehabilitation
Planning for redevelopment and rehabilitation projects is one method to revitalize stagnant properties and buildings. The firm understands the nuances of the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law (LRHL) making the firm particularly qualified for investigating areas in need of redevelopment and in the preparation of redevelopment plans. Recent New Jersey case law requires a comprehensive evaluation of properties, interiors of buildings and, in many cases, a finding that the proposed redevelopment area, if left to market forces, would likely lead to further spreading of deterioration and blight. While the current burden of proof to designate that an area is in need of redevelopment is substantial, redevelopment continues to be an important component to the future success of many communities.

An alternative approach to redevelopment is to designate an area in need of rehabilitation and prepare a rehabilitation plan for the area that contains specific and detailed design and architectural standards. Rehabilitation plans contain the same powers of redevelopment plans with the exception of the use of eminent domain (the condemnation of property) and the ability to offer long term tax abatements. Planning work typically includes preparing an investigative study as well as devising strategies and plans for the ultimate redevelopment of such areas. Having written redevelopment and/or rehabilitation studies or redevelopment plans in Alexandria, Cranford, Hackensack, Keyport, Milford, North Arlington, Ocean (Ocean), Union, Union Beach and Vineland, The firm can tailor the most practical approach for your community.

Economic Development
ricciplanning is experienced in applying its land use planning, market understanding and obtaining consensus in creating economic development strategies for communities. Our approach is to balance the needs of economic development with preservation, open space and recreation and developing linkages between community facilities and key activity centers.

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