Ordinance Preparation
Preparing a comprehensive ordinance revision requires vast knowledge in many planning disciplines. Where master plans and other visioning documents can be somewhat vague, ordinances must be specific, clear and easily interpreted. Having prepared complete ordinance overhauls in Prospect Park and having drafted a new land development ordinance in Union City, ricciplanning is highly qualified to prepare ordinance revisions and complete ordinance overhauls for communities.

Recreation and Open Space
The elements of recreation and open space plans are often misunderstood by planners in New Jersey. Most recreation and open space plan elements lack the requisite requirements to submit for Green Acres funding. Instead, many communities file individual applications each year, which ultimately results in increased costs to communities. To the contrary, when a community prepares a recreation and open space plan which meets Green Acres criteria and files for a Planning Incentive Grant, the community will receive funds to implement their plan (every year in which funding is available) until the action plan is completed. The firm can ensure that these criteria are met.

Environmental Planning
With a masters degree in City and Regional Planning with an emphasis on environmental and land use planning, ricciplanning is qualified to provide environmental land use planning services. As a former Land Use Planner for Sullivan County, NY and having prepared plans and having served as the board planner in Alexandria, Byram, Hammonton and Knowlton, ricciplanning understands the issues facing rural communities in the highlands and pinelands regions.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping and Capacity Analysis
Since 1997, Mr. Ricci has utilized GIS software to display concepts, analyze land use and environmental impacts as well as to conduct capacity analyses. Past experience includes quantifying water and sewer usage, loss of agriculture, forest cover as well as a range of other variables. While many professionals specialize in GIS data creation, Mr. Ricci specializes in the utilization and analysis of GIS data. Accordingly, whether preparing a master plan or land use analyses, Mr. Ricci’s reports typically quantify existing conditions and baseline data, which allows communities to evaluate changes in conditions over time. This approach eliminates relying on professional judgment when preparing plans, studies and ordinances.

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